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Green Maid

mercredi 9 novembre 2011

An association organizes a training to teach to the maids to use organic products. When spirit vinegar and soft soap replace cleaners.

How do we make an organic grease remover ? ", questions Delilah Chagnaud, person in charge of the frame of the training of the Association of help to the private individuals, 3AP. " We mix some bicarbonate of soda, the spirit vinegar, some water, little of concentrated biological dishes and we add it some drops of essential oil to perfume ", answers Nadine. The lesson was apparently perfectly retained.

For six weeks, 3AP organize a training paid for ten of the maids that it uses on the theme " the eco-cleaning domesticates ". This training of 200 hours spread over eight weeks is the first one in the region. She is experimental.

" As a result, we left nothing and it is not the easiest when it is a question of finding financing ", admits Delilah Chagnaud. But 3AP finally found with the Association of temporary work for the young people, with the Association of training for the insertion in Charente and the foundations Box of Savings and Macif.

Besides the theoretical courses and interventions of an actor to work the self-confidence, learn to manage its stress or to know how to show itself persuasive, of a socio-beautician, ten maids meet by groups of five at three private individuals to put into practice their experiences. Four studios are proposed : toilets - bathroom, kitchen, windows and furniture, grounds.

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