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Created a kind of special training programme in Ma Xi

lundi 11 juin 2012

Ma Xi Li(German:Hans-Joachim Marseille, December 13, 1919-September 30, 1942), the star(Stern von Afrika) of nickname Africa is German air force’s airplane pilot in World War II, is the trump card airplane pilot of the most outstanding an among those.

Its airplane pilot’s career totally shots down 158 enemy’s machines, 151 among those obtain in battlefield sky in the North Africa.It was born at a method descendant’s family in Berlin in biography Ma Xi.The father is German air force’s airplane pilot in World War I.

Britain air battle period, Ma Xi Li the allied brigade(JG52) is another Si inside trump card John in the 52th ·Shi Tan undergo military service because of the brigade in the 4th led by Huo man(Johannes Steinhoff) and totally shot down 7 enemy’s machines.An Es Bf-109s that are driven forced landing by him weigh to paint into "white 14" to become after repair his machine.

He is adjusted to arrive the 27th allied brigade(JG27) because of defiance order, before long the 27th allied the brigade be sent North Africa.After shotting down two enemies at him a machine drive British army the brigade hurricane type fighter jet shot down in the middle of the 73th.He has already submitted an expense accounted 4 Es Bf-109s at this time, 1 among those carry on a tropical zone to refit. His medium the brigade be afterward adjusted to return to Germany to change to pack Bf-109 F-4/Trop(the tropical zone refits), his airplane is packed into "is yellow 14" by. Created a kind of special training programme in Ma Xi, not accomplished him of outstanding environment observation ability, shoot, airplane operation, also have special attack military tactics-GaoThe angle deviation shoots and takes aim at enemy machine forepart from the on the side, not familiarly makes track for the shot enemy’s machine from the rear.

He that special creative attack method at attackstone an enemy the machine machines kill a wound rate very greatly, the attacks could shot down several enemy’s machines each time, it make him become the trump card airplane pilot of the most outstanding an among those in history. On June 6, 1942, Ma Xi Li attackstones one alone the brigade is 16 machines P-40s, and shot down in the middle 6 South African air force’s P-40, 5 among the were used 6 minutes.He shotted down 17 enemy’s machines on September 1, 8 among the were used 10 minutes. Ma Xi Li is in 4 BF-109 F-4/Trops ever flight : Serial number 8693, obtain the 50th-time war merit on February 23, 1942. Serial number 10056, tail rudder Tu You’s 58 wars spin mark(victory bar). Serial number 10137, tail rudder has a garland and 31 war merit markses with 70 certain contexts.

Serial number 8673, tail rudder has a garland and 51 war merit markses with 100 certain contexts.Fall in action the task on September 30, 1942 to have no what special.Lead his in Ma Xi medium the brigade(staffel) convoy Si diagram card dive bomber performance task, the on the way has never had already run into any intercept.Homeward voyage on the way, he that new Bf109 Gs-2s cabin suddenly emit smoke and make him almost suffocate and also impeded his view, Ma Xi Li is guided German Army’s front once by his teammate.After crossing German Army front, he thinks its, the machine starts losing control hence decide to leave machine to bail out, his dying wish BE :"I could not stood, I wanted to bail out".The companion wears the teammate that he flies to spread out to make him have enough space to bail out, but Ma Xi Li’s airplane starts crashing down, the speed attains per hour 400 miles.

After jumping a passenger compartment in Ma Xi hit its the perpendicular tail rudder of the machine, therefore he probably dies or loses consciousness to make on the spot him can not draw back parachute to flee for life in time.The emperor that is perpendicular to bump off west pulls He Man(Sidi Abdel Rahman) southern in 7 kilometers of desert, get the year is 22 years old.Ma Xi Li’s burial rites holds on October 1, 1942, from Er shell especially ·the Kai fill commander-in-chief wood and Edward ·the Niu Man(Eduard Neumann) is to the Dao phrase. His tombstone inscription writes "do not hurt" two words.Achieve to shot down 8 enemy’s machines for 10 minutes, shots down 17 enemy’s machines for a day, shots down 54 enemy’s machines for a month. Shot down average of an enemy’s machine to need 15 hair bullets. Get to award a diamond oak a leaf to take sword the iron cross, only 27 people get to award this merit badge, 10 among them are trump cards airplane pilot.

Get to award Italian gold brave merit badge, only two Germans get to award this merit badge. German the youngest captain for air force. The war merit that obtains in the North Africa includes :-101 fighter jets P-40s-30s hurricane type fighter jets-16 spray a fire type fighter jet-2 medium-sized bombers in Baltimore-a cloth Lun sea Mu bomber-the Mali orchid bomber 27th of a Ma Tian unite the 1 brigade of brigade to obtain of 588 war merits, had 151 in Ma Xi, reached to 26%.

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